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Spectrum of Nostalgia (Chen Yi-chu, Taiwan 2017)

 Spectrum of Nostalgia is an experimental and autobiographical short-film of Taiwanese female director Chen Yi-chu (or -zu) with a running time of 24 minutes. Chen's approach is - by using old VHS-Tapes of her childhood - artistical: she cuts the tapes into small fragments of her past that seem to narrate a story which describe a problematic time in her youth. Rearranged, and softened by her own voice as a narrator, she comments on the developments from being the center of attention of the family to a horrible scenario in which her father loses his job and falls into depression.  She never accuses anyone or anything, but describes - formally aswell by arranging the cinematic snippets - the destructive energy that disrupts her family ties . She, too, poses the question what 'reality' is, and how it may be unconsciously translated into something different by our own memories . Chen Yi-chun basically asks, what is true and what is false, even if it is something th