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Two famous female writers from Japan: Yû Miri's 'Tokyo Ueno Station' & Hiromi Kawakami's 'People from my Neighbourhood'

TOKYO UENO STATION is not a straight narrative, but rather a quite experimental novel. As "the plot" unravels in flashbacks - by an obscure, already seemingly dead medium floating around Ueno park, the story of a life of hardship  is slowly being revealed. Of heavy labor, broken families, financial troubles and finally: homelessness. This is not the exotistic Japan you will find on a successful youtuber's channel. The events get illustrated by those of "greater dimensions", like the historical events around Ueno park hill during the Tokugawa period, the Great Kanto earthquake, the fire bombings at the end of WW II or the life of the Emperor. Quite often, Yû Miri uses methods of association, of glueing scraps and bits of pieces together in order to abstractly poetize the narrative flow . There are passages where ideas or narrative structures dominate the text, which only slowly floats back to its central plot. TOKYO UENO STATION is rather complex and surely is n